Monday, September 24, 2012

Trendy dining room colors

10 years ago, everyone had red dining rooms, remember?

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But now, everyone is tired of all that red, and it looks dated.  So what are people asking for?

I have found, in my color consulting business, that when a client has lived with a saturated color for a while, they yearn for something completely different, and often head to the other end of the color spectrum. My theory is that perhaps the rooms aren't balanced, color-wise. If there is too much warmth, too much coolness, too light, too dark, etc people get antsy. It's human nature; we crave balance in our lives. Color is no exception.

Take my bedroom, for example. I felt compelled to repaint our baby blue walls pink. Granted, my husband selected the color, and I was never 100% on board with it (too periwinkle for my taste). I think I needing something warmer than all that cool, cool blueness. Speaking of which...

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So what are people asking for now? Why, it's blue, of course!


Here's a dining room makeover I did this past year.  From powdery gray blue all the way to deep inky navy, blues are being requested a lot these days.

What dramatic trend-changes have you noticed? Where do you think we'll go after all this gray that is oh so popular right now?


Elizabeth Brown said...

Hi Rachel,

I love what you did with the dining room, the blue with the creamy trim, which really warms up the palette. What is that blue, by the way? I've spec'ed BM "Serenada", AF-535 twice for dining rooms and like you, warmed up the palette with Marscapone " AF-20.


Marie Brady said...

I know you've seen my red dining room, Rachel and I too was tired of it after 11 now it's black! I got a lot of raised eyebrows when I told my friends and my painter by decision, but it's been met with rave reviews! Yes, I'm also getting lots of requests for different blues. What a change! said...

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