Sunday, August 10, 2014

Updating that 90's dark cherry cabinet kitchen

Cherry cabinets were very "in" in the 90's. Dark, sexy, classy; they had that Tuscan/ Italian thing going that everyone wanted. Often paired with said cabinets was a dark green granite or granite-like counter-top. Red and green- how could you go wrong? By the very virtue of trends, eventually they go out of style.

In the past 3 weeks I have had no fewer than 3 projects dealing with the same dark green granite counter-tops. 2 kitchens and 1 bathroom. Those who are opting to paint their cabinets have more flexibility. Those who won't be painting the ubiquitous cherry wood have a little more of a challenge.

I give you some examples of what I'm talking about:

 image source
example B:

Example C:
 Example D

The issue here is the deep, rich value of the counter-tops and the cabinets. Those who want a lighter feeling have a few choices. If you think of more that I don't cover here, please add your suggestions in the comments below.
Some solutions I've offered up to my clients:

image source
 Mid tone beige works by mellowing out all that darkness. It's still super warm, but a softer look that integrates cabinets with walls.

Another option is going with the green.

trying to find a kitchen color. our countertops/cabinets are dark like this
image source
Here, a light minty green ties in the counter-top colors with the walls, contrasting cool against all that warm cabinetry. But important to note that the green will accentuate the red, drawing attention to it.

Trying a metal finish like silver can cool things down, and brighten, too. To modernize the overall feel, I thought a pressed-tin backsplash would be fun and funky

Or a grayish green, either glass tiles,

or paint (maybe a wee bit lighter)

For a bolder look, what about sky blue

 (image adapted from this)
Or bolder, with a deep navy? The navy really tempers all that red by drawing attention to the blue. I think it's a playful solution.

What would you all do?



Libby said...

Oh yes…we had those dark cherry cabinets in our kitchen up north. The only solution, to me, was to paint them! We did them white and they were gorgeous. With some new hardware it looked like a new kitchen!!

Bob fortune said...

Like your post thanks. I’m planning a kitchen in our new home with stone walls. Love the cabinet suggestion you have, but could you suggest a good combo to go with dark grey stone walls in the background?